How Micro Injections Work To Help Trees Recover

When you have a sick tree, and it needs to be given micro nutrients, fertilizer or even a pesticide to help it recover, this can be done through what is called micro injections. A small hole is drilled into the tree, right around the base of the trunk, and the needle is inserted so the injection can be made. This will take it directly into the natural circulation of the resin inside of trees, allowing it to spread from that point. By doing so, it can help any tree recover from a disease, or even fungi, if it is administered at the right time. Let’s look at how these work, why they work, and how you can find an arborist that can help you get this done.

How Do These Micro Injections Work?

Unlike the human body, a tree has a very dense outer shell. It is impossible to inject anything into its system without drilling a hole through the bark and into the tree itself. It is able to work because the ingredients can merge with the natural circulation of resin within the tree allowing it to be dispersed evenly throughout the entirety of the tree itself. For example, insecticides can be injected which can help fight off bugs that have begun to bore into the bark and tree. This is much better than external remedies which can only affect the areas that are seen. All of the injections work in this way.

Why Do They Work So Efficiently?

The main reason these work so effectively is that, over the years, studies have been done on different remedies for trees that have proven to show positive results. This is done with any type of bacterial, viral, or fungal infection that can be compromised by injecting the right ingredients and nutrients. These remedies are dispersed by the tree itself, going to every cell of the tree, instead of only parts of the tree that are visually affected. Therefore, it is a much more effective way of treating sick trees from the trunk to the leaves of the tree itself.

How To Find An Arborist Near You

You can find an arborist very quickly by searching online for one that does micro injections. You simply need to talk to a representative, discuss what is happening, and they will be able to provide you with the help that you need. They will bring the necessary tools and remedies that they will inject into the tree, a process that will probably last no more than 30 minutes. Once they are done, they may return to do additional injections, or they may simply monitor the tree to see how quickly it is recovering.

Whether your sick trees service fort worth is suffering from some type of viral or bacterial infection, or there is a topical fungus that is afflicting the trunk of the tree, there are ways to treat these maladies. Regardless of the problems, there is almost always a solution for problems that a tree may develop that can be resolved through these micro injections which will get to the root of the problem.

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